IOL Master (Intra- ocular Lens Master)

Intra- ocular Lens Master (IOL Master)

The IOL Master is an eye test that measures the length of the eye using a technology called optical biometry. It is important to measure the length of the eye for cataract surgery because it will help your surgeon determine the correct IOL power to fit your individual needs. The IOL Master is a tool that can give precise measurements to add to the information collected by other tests. You can expect to sit in front of the machine, resting your chin and forehead where the technician instructs. You will then be instructed to look at an image, looking at this image will help to position your eye in the correct spot. Once your eye is positioned, the technician will take measurements. The IOL master does not come in contact with the eye.

The IOL Master biometry technique is essential for patients with cataract or those wishing to undergo the cataract surgery. It provides accurate measurement which is critical for achieving the best possible vision after cataract surgery.

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